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ELCCF has been commissioned to look at how the Hospital at Home service in East Lothian is working. The service is for people who can be better treated in their own home rather than in a setting such as a hospital.

You can play an important role by answering our online questionnaire here. You can send it back with just one click. Find out more here.

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Hydrotherapy pools under threat

Three Edinburgh hospital-based hydrotherapy pools are under threat of closure as part of a money saving measure by NHS Lothian.


A win for fight against charges


Pressure from care groups in a campaign headed by the Forum has resulted a U-turn by East Lothian Council on imposing new charges for community care services.

Getting from here to there


Bus services in East Lothian could be improved for disabled people if the local council was allowed to gain more control over routes and destinations.

Care services costs

Councillors have supported demands to look again at new policy which imposes charges on disabled people for community care services in East Lothian after an outcry by a coalition of disabled people’s organisations.

Demand for rethink on day centre charges

Council officials have been asked to think again over plans which will see charges being made for disabled people to use services at East Lothian’s day centres.

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