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After 20 years of supporting public involvement in health and social care planning and delivery we closed our doors on the 30th September 2020.   Our funding from the Health and Social Care Partnership has been withdrawn. We leave with great sadness, but we are immensely proud of the work we have achieved.

The Community Care Forum was a service user led organisation.  All the work produced under the name of the Community Care Forum was produced by people who wanted to make a difference to their lives and those in their communities.....and they did!

Although ELCCF is no longer a physical organisation we will keep this website alive and hope to develop it into a 'community voice' website where you can find information or indeed post information on issues that are important to you.  Watch this space!

Over the 20 years we have been in existence we have achieved a lot!  Thanks to all who participated in the work of the Forum, who brought new ideas and ways to to ensure lived experience and views from the grassroots were heard and embedded in service design and delivery.  Click on the report to open.

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The CWIC (Collaborative Working for Immediate Care) service is a relatively new service, co-located in the Musselburgh Primary Care Centre. It was set up to support same day access to care following the merger of two Medical Practices into the Riverside Practice, now the second largest practice in the Lothians.   ELCCF was asked to support a patient evaluation of this service.  Click on the report to find out what patients thought about this new and innovative service.


ELCCF Community Engagement in Pictures

This is a community site and we welcome any any contributions that cover the topic of health and social care, and/or ideas about how our site can be improved.  Please contact us at the address below.

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