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What matters to you?

To broaden the picture of community transformation, ELCCF also carried out an independent survey about what matters to people who attend local peer groups in East Lothian.


Peer groups are usually condition specific that provide peer support, advocacy,  social opportunities and activities to many people who do not receive a formal service or care package.

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Overcoming Poverty

'Poverty is a human rights issue.  People have a right to an adequate standard of living, to feel included and able to participate in their community'.

East Lothian Poverty Commission.

A voice for people who use health and social services

Find out how poverty impacts upon people in East Lothian in this illuminating report. (click on image to open)

Being a community representative in Health and Social Care Planning

ELCCF is recruiting community volunteers with a lived experience of disability or a long term condition to become representatives and speak up for people who use services on the Health and Social Care Partnership's new Strategy Groups. 


See more on the 'Representation in Planning' page (click on tab above). 


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