ELCCF was an independent body led by volunteers. The Forum was formed in 1999 following a government move to provide care in the community. Our focus was on gathering evidence to help guide East Lothian Adult and Social Care Partnership - the joint NHS and local council body.

We take a Community Action Research (CAR) approach to discovering the needs and experiences of the individuals and the communities we serve. 

We brought evidence for change to the planners’ attention. We got to the heart of what’s needed to achieve better results. Although ELCCF no longer exists this website will continue and be manned by volunteers so it's important  to hear from you about your experiences and how you think things could improve, not only for your own case, but for community care in general. 

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George Paterson retired from ELCCF in April 2017 after 11 years as Communications Worker.  George transformed the face of the Forum and made all our materials attractive, easy to read and accessible documents. George is greatly missed however he still keeps in touch with ELCCF and we still pick his brains from time to time!

Anybody who is familiar with ELCCF will know that we are a friendly, approachable and professional independent, user-led organisation .  We have achieved much over 20 years in supporting the service user voice in health and social care planning.   This was down to fantastic teamwork between the ELCCF Trustees and Staff (past and present) for steering a steady ship, and for being flexible, innovative and courageous in our approach.

Thank you! 

Thank you to our ELCCF Members
Under our constitution we have a group of members who oversee the work of the Community Care Forum and act as a sounding board.  They are all people living with a disability and/or long term condition.  We are so grateful to them for their guidance,  expertise and ideas over the years and for keeping us on track to ensure that voices from the grass roots were heard. 

Our biggest ‘Thank You’ is to everybody who has participated in the work of ELCCF over the years.  This took on many forms.....

Thank you for participating in all our forums, for volunteering as representatives on planning groups, as community volunteers on our wellbeing passport project,  as community volunteers on our Community Action Research projects, supporting us with editing and the production of our easy read documents and training materials...and so much more!  

The Community Care Forum was a success because of all the people who generously gave their time and expertise to make a difference...and you did!

and there are a lot of them to say.....

This is a community site and we welcome any any contributions that cover the topic of health and social care, and/or ideas about how our site can be improved.  Please contact us at the address below.

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