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The East Lothian Health And Social Care Partnership changed it's planning structure in October 2018 from condition specific groups to 'themed' groups that plan for change around specific areas of provision.  These are called 'Reference Groups'.

ELCCF supports service user representation on the Joint Health and Social Care Partnership's Reference Groups.   See below.


This group has been set up largely to work on areas of service delivery for people living with a learning disability and people living with a physical disability and sensory impairment.

The current area of work is a Community Review on Adult Day Support/services.

The current area of work is still to be identified

This Reference Group has been set up to work on service delivery for older people.

This group has been set up to work on services that have been identified for reprovision.  The current area of work is the reprovision of the Edington and Belhaven Hospitals and the Eskgreen and Abbeyfield Care Homes

This group has been set up oversee service planning within Primary Care Services.

How you can participate

 This is a user-friendly guide to understanding health and social care planning structures and how you can get involved and influence how your local services are planned and delivered.

Click on the image to open the document.

Views from communities of people living with a disability and/or long term condition are important to help us influence local planning and provision of Health and Social Care Services.   Here's how you can be involved.

Share your own experience


about the services you have received and representatives will take them forward. You can write a message on our 'Have Your Say' page.  Click on the button.

Become a Community Representative


The Health and Social Care Partnership are always looking for volunteers to represent the views of their community or group.  Below is a guide to help you decide whether this is a volunteer role suited to you.          Click on the image to open.

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This is a community site and we welcome any any contributions that cover the topic of health and social care, and/or ideas about how our site can be improved.  Please contact us at the address below.

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