ELCCF produces its own promotional material, including leaflets and posters. It also produces regular bulletins and toolkits to help volunteers and other groups. We also help publish Easy-Reads to help explain policies in easy to understand terms.

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Community Action Research Publications

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Community Review 2018.jpg

A survey on Adult Day Support and Services

October 2018

WMTY 2018.jpg

ELCCF finds out What Matters to members of Peer Groups in East Lothian, September 2018

hospital at home summary doc.png

Evaluation of the East Lothian Hospital at Home Service September 2016

Evaluation of Discharge to Assess Service

September 2017

'Are we there yet?'

This CAR report on transport was done in tandem with a video

December 2014

CAR report on Day Activities for Physically Disabled People and People with Complex Needs.  October 2011

What Matters to You - Musselburgh Senior

Musselburgh Community Researchers find out What Matters to their Senior Citizens 

Evaluation of the

East Lothian Emergency Care Service

July 2015

Self Directed Support

'It's my Life'

July 2015

CAR report on

How Older People Access Information

July 2014

Our Annual Reports

Here are some of our most recent annual reports - also known as annual reviews. You can open them by clicking on the image.


Report for



Report for

2017 - 18


Report for

2016 - 17

Annual Report for 2015-16

Annual Report for 2014-15

Annual Report for 2013-14

Annual Report for 2012-13

Annual report 17-18.jpg

Here  is the Manifesto to be presented to prospective councillors for East Lothian Council at the hustings in the Town House Haddington on April 26 2017.

Featured toolkits and publications

The Forum's Community Action Research Toolkit - a guide based on ELCCF's experience.

Our Community Journalists Toolkit - advice and tips on how to raise your profile in the print and online media.

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