The Wellbeing Passport

Do you have to keep repeating the same information about yourself to health professionals - doctors, nurses etc., - time and time again? Well here's something that can help!

The Wellbeing Passport is a cleverly designed piece of paper, either A3 or A4 which is folded down and carried in a neat plastic wallet just the right size for your pocket or handbag. The Passport carries details of the holder’s important medical details, and gives information on their life, their needs, wants and aspirations. As its name suggests, the idea is to create a document which anyone can use to help them on a better route to health and wellbeing.


The Guidelines booklet gives a general view of how to fill in the passport and is useful for  Passport Holders filling it on their own  and for facilitators. You can download by clicking on the image opposite.

You can download the Passport (it's a Word file), in either A3 or A4 paper size.  Click on the passports to download.


Fill it in on your laptop or PC and print it out yourself.  If you're lucky enough to have a printer which can print both sides at once, remember to 'print on the short side'. Get in touch if you want a free plastic wallet to carry it in.

Step by step Guide to help you fill in your passport


To help you fill in the Passport, you can download a Step by Step toolkit  which takes you through the Passport section by section.  It's available for download in A4 or A3 size.

See our video


It offers friendly advice on how to fill in the 'About Me' sections of the Wellbeing Passport.

Just click here.

Let us know about your experiences with the Passport

It's useful for us to know how you are using the Passport.  Do you think it helps with your doctor?  Can you tell us what improvements we could make? Just fill in the box below.

What it's about

The Forum's Wellbeing Passport project won funding from the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation which helped ELCCF produce and set up documents online and run the initiative for a year.


The Passport is the brainchild of Forum supporter Ross Macphail, who said: “It helps you to remember all the things you might forget when in consultation; the kind of things which only spring to mind much later. 


“My idea was to come up with something which avoids having to tell health professionals the same details over and over again. It identifies the person as an individual and where they’re going just like a real passport, but in terms of their life journey.

“This really has potential to be rolled out nationally but we’re starting with the Lothian Health area.”

The Forum is now looking for volunteers to act as interviewers for prospective Passport holders. Health and social care groups and organisations can also get involved. If you would find out more, email or call 01620 822212.

This is a community site and we welcome any any contributions that cover the topic of health and social care, and/or ideas about how our site can be improved.  Please contact us at the address below.

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